Product Review | E.L.F. Mix To Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster

Product Review | E.L.F. Mix To Match Foundation Undertone Adjuster in Golden ($4, E.L.F. website)

Product Details (from E.L.F.'s website): Yellow hues in your foundation got you down? Or maybe pink undertones are making you red in the face? These adjusters can help you personalize your own perfect foundation match!

Just customize your foundation shade with these highly pigmented foundation adjusters. One drop transforms your foundation to match your unique undertones.

Review:  I have to tell you that E.L.F. comes up with great ideas and this is one of them.  I honestly thought that it was just another foundation shade adjuster (I used to use the NYX ones - the white and dark shades) but as I read the product description over again I noticed that it was an undertone adjusted.  Voila! In my experience, this is exactly what I need versus a shade adjuster.  Sometimes when I use the shade adjuster, it does not really change the undertone of the foundation so it still looks off (but of course, nothing that a powder or bronzer can't fix).  

For $4, I decided to pick this baby up which I should have picked up a few more instead of one.  I love this product.  It totally changes the undertone of a foundation and matches it to mine so it looks a lot nicer on the skin rather than just a darkened foundation or a lighter foundation (if I got a shade tad dark after buying online).  This does not alter the wear of the foundation or formula.  It does not make my skin oily or break me out.  All you need is one drop (at least for me since I only use one pump because I prefer a light coverage) and it will do its job.  

There are currently two undertone shades available: golden and warmth.  The packaging is typical of most E.L.F. products.  A black box with white typography.  This one has a cut out window so you can see and touch the product.  It also has the shade of the adjuster on the box.  The actual product is contained in a black squeeze tube with the adjuster shade also on the tube.  I recommend this product if you have a hard time finding foundations that has your undertone.  Plus, with the price you cannot go wrong with this product.