Product Review | Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist

Product Review | Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist ($6.97, and

Product Details (from Cleen Beauty's website): The cleen beauty™ Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist is an ultra fine mist formulated with unique ingredients to refresh, tone, and moisturize all in one. The mist is infused with coconut water and hibiscus extract known to nourish and tone the skin as well as sodium hyaluronate to help boost skin's ability to lock in moisture. This non-sticky mist also has witch hazel, known to cleanse and tone the skin. After use, your skin will feel healthy, refreshed and glowy. The hibiscus extract gives the mist a natural pink color. Since cleen beauty does not use any synthetic dyes, you may notice the color change over time. This is completely normal, and does not change the efficacy of the product. The Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist is made in the USA, dermatologist tested, cruelty-free and vegan.

Review:  While browsing through Cleen Beauty's website, I became drawn to this facial mist.  If you know me at all, anything with Coconut ingredients I will try, so this was no exception.  Similar to the Grapefruit Water Gel Moisturizer, this did not come with a box but instead it was packaged in a shrink wrap.  The price point for 4 oz is pretty good.  I love that the mist is not sticky and does not leave a film on the face.  It sinks into the skin without making it look and feel greasy.  The lightweight mist is perfect for every day use.  The mist does not smell like Coconut which I was slightly disappointed in the beginning; but it is also infused with Hibiscus so that is most likely why it toned down the Coconut smell.  However, that is not a deal breaker as the scent is still nice.  However, the spray nozzle does not deliver a fine mist, not bad, but it is not what they say it is.  If you have an empty bottle of your favorite facial spray, you can transfer the contents and that will be the easy fix.  Overall, I do enjoy using this facial mist and provides my skin the extra hydration it needs.  I definitely recommend this product; but keep in mind, the mist is not ultra fine - if that is a deal breaker for you, then you will not like this product.  But as I mentioned above, there is an easy fix to this problem.