Product Review | LYS Beauty Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream Blush

Product Review | LYS Beauty Higher Standard Satin Matte Cream Blush in the shade Kindness ($16, and

Product Details (from LYS Beauty's website):  Blush is the perfect complement to any makeup look and these high pigment, ultra-creamy blushes seamlessly blend onto the skin for a natural flush of color that will leave you wanting more.  

Customize your makeup look to your heart’s desires with these non-greasy cream blushes that are packed with clean, skin-loving ingredients, like Kaolin Clay, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, leaving skin visibly refreshed long after the makeup comes off. Rich in pigment, this blush adds the finishing touch on any look, whether that’s naturally flushed or brilliantly bold. Whether you wear alone or mix and match, these long-lasting blushes will become a staple in any collection.

Key Benefits:

Kaolin Clay | Helps reduce appearance of pores and limit excess shine 
Avocado Oil | Penetrates to lock in lasting hydration 
Vitamin E | Help calm and soothe

Review:  I wrote a little bit more information about LYS Beauty on my review of the Triple Fix Serum Foundation.  If you would like to read it again (or if this is your first time reading my review LYS Beauty), please go back to that review.  

All of their products are packaged in a white triangular box with small triangular cut outs and black typography.  The brand is printed in a nude pink color and half of the box also have the nude pink color in a diagonal design.  The actual color of the blush is printed on the side of the box.  The compact is made of a sturdy matte plastic in rose gold.  While it is made out plastic, it has a nice weight to it.  It does not feel cheap at all.  It also has a mirror.  The compact has a magnetic closure which I love.   There are six blush shades available and I picked up the shade Kindness which was described as a soft peach nude.  

While the shade looks light on the pan, it has a lot of pigment and it showed up on my light tan complexion easily.  This blush is described as stain matte and I agree with that claim.  It is very creamy and it is easy to apply on the skin.  I usually tap my brush on the pan and swirl it on the back of my hand before applying on the cheek.  I do this with all my cream blushes; not just this one.  This is very pigmented so be careful; a little goes a long way unless you are going for a very intense look.  Because of its satin matte finish, it really looks like a natural flush on the cheeks.  It has a great balance of the satin and matte finish which leaves the skin looking hydrated instead of dry.

The last photo below shows a full face of LYS Beauty products.  You can see how the blush looks on my cheeks.  For $16, you get a lot of product in this compact.  You also get a lot of pigment which I think is worth every penny.  I highly recommend this blush.  I will be picking up the shade Confident (described as Cinnamon Pink Spice) next once it becomes available at