Product Review | Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil

Product Review | Speak Love Glossy Lip Treatment Oil ($12, and

Product Details (from LYS Beauty's website):  This undeniably cushiony lip treatment oil is a match made in heaven for dry, chapped lips. Fortified with natural oils and soothing hydrators, like Chia Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this fast-acting treatment instantly replenishes lips with vital moisture for a soothing and comfortable feel that’s essential for everyday use.

Deeply rejuvenate the look of dry, cracked lips in just one swipe. This universal lip oil coats lips with lasting moisture, leaving lips looking and feeling their absolute best. Packed with skincare ingredients, like a luxurious oil blend of sunflower, carrot, sweet almond and macadamia nut oil, this conditioning oil doubles as an overnight treatment to restore lips and maximize moisture. The cold-pressed chia seed oil deeply hydrates and visibly plumps the look of lips, making this product the perfect addition to any makeup look. The high-shine finish pairs perfectly alone, or with your favorite lip liner and lipstick (not included) for a finished look that will make you swoon.

Key Benefits:

Sunflower, Carrot, Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut Oil | Nourishing blend that helps hydrate and condition lips
Cold-Pressed Chia Seed Oil | Deeply hydrates and volumizes the look of lips
Vitamin E | Provides antioxidant benefits for visibly nourished lips

Review:  Similar to the rest of my LYS Beauty products post, I will add this disclaimer just in case this is your first time here.  I wrote a little bit more information about LYS Beauty on my review of the Triple Fix Serum Foundation.  If you would like to read it, please click here.  

All of their products are packaged in a white triangular box with small triangular cut outs and black typography.  The brand is printed in a nude pink color and half of the box also have the nude pink color in a diagonal design.  The lip treatment is contained in a triangular plastic squeeze tube with a clear cap.  The treatment oil has a very sheer peach tint.  It feels really nice on the lips and it is not too sticky.  I love that it actually does its job in keeping the lips hydrated.  I use this to hydrate the lips when I am doing my makeup.

Something that was pointed out to me by a fellow beauty lover was there was not a lot of product that comes in the tube (see photo below).  Honestly, I did not notice it.  I did post this on my IG stories just as an FYI to anyone who might be interested in buying this product.  I received a follow up on my post from LYS Beauty addressing the concern.  Even though the tube is larger than the actual amount of product, you are getting the right amount which is 0.4 fl oz.  I asked why they decided to use a larger tube instead of a smaller one and it was basically pure aesthetics.  They wanted a sleeker looking package.  I like that the follow up from LYS Beauty was timely but also they took their time answering or addressing the concern and was very respectful.

Prior to purchasing this, I've been using the Milani Avocado Lip Butter Mask to hydrate my lips while doing my makeup and I really love that product.  So to be honest, I was not inclined to repurchase this product not because it was not good but because I already have something that works.  However, the longer I kept using this lip treatment oil, ended up liking it more and more.  It really sits nicely on the lips.  It is not sticky and does not leave that tacky film-like substance on the lips.  I also like that the tip of the tube has a larger surface area than most lip treatments, so it really coats the lips nicely and glides smoothly.  I will definitely repurchase this product and I do recommend it.  I posted the physical similarities of this lip treatment oil versus the one from Morphe 2; but the formula is definitely not the same.  I prefer the formula of the LYS Beauty Speak Love Glossy Treatment Oil.  The one from Morphe 2 is thicker than I'd like it to be and it does leave my lips a film-like substance.  It's not bad product, it's just not what I prefer.  So if you haven't tried this Lip Treatment Oil yet, what are you waiting for?